About Us

NON STOP, Cheap, Fast!

We can pull and carry :

  1. Towing cars.
  2. Towing motorcycles.
  3. Towing equipment.
  4. Towing boats.

Reasons to choose us :

  1. We transport cars, vans, goods vehicles, defective or damaged with specialized autoplatform.
  2. We have more than one truck at a time.
  3. We have fast transport and can transport 2 vehicles simultaneously with the separate platform.
  4. We are specialists in towing and we offer a full range of towing services.
  5. Loading / unloading the vehicle safely.
  6. Towing the vehicle to your destination.

One phone is enough and we will reach the location you mentioned as soon as possible. We constantly improve and diversify our quality of service. We will immediately adapt to the customer’s requirements.

Our staff is made up of professionals in the field, ready to answer any requirements regarding towing, carriage or assistance / counseling. The members of our team will provide you professional at the professional level. Our fleet of cars is continually developing and improving, with options to meet the tastes of any customer. In order to improve and develop, we have acquired new and efficient trailers and autoplatforms, the equipments have been upgraded and, with the diversification, the service delivery locations have been expanded.